MTNL Balance Transfer Number Codes [MAR 2019] [TalkTime + Data Internet]

MTNL Balance Transfer is the best way to send TalkTime balance or Internet balance to some other number with the same network. It really is a simple process which most of the individuals do daily because the majority of the time they need to send the balance to their family members to obtain additional and more talktime balance.

If you’re one particular who calls for their friends mobile and utilize this MTNL balance transfer then this method is wonderful for you too. 😉

All you need to do is merely follow the task and use MTNL balance transfer process in order to send MTNL balance. A lot of the New Users would like that the actual hell is that MTNL Balance transfer? I understand their curiosity. That’s the reason I am here to let you know all thing from scrape.

What’s MTNL Balance Transfer?

When you have too much balance in another of the mobile numbers and also you want to send remaining MTNL balance to other MTNL number. Then we use MTNL balance Transfer to be able to keep up balance and utilize it form another sim.

There are numerous services where we may also transfer the web surfing Data Aswell.

Conditions to Use MTNL Balance Transfer

  • If you work with MTNL you’ll be able to only have the ability to send the balance to other MTNL Number.
  • MTNL Balance Transfer can be initiated from Rs 5 to Rs 40 Once at the same time.
  • MTNL Number should be three months Old.
  • Reciever MTNL number should be one month Old.
  • You’ll be Charged for by using this service.
  • You should use this service 5 times each day and 150 times per month.

    MTNL Balance Transfer Process

  • Dial This MTNL Balance Transfer Code: *450#<4 digit key or number>*<Amount>*<receiver number># 
  • Eg. *450#1234*20*123456789#
  • Now you will be able to use MTNL balance transfer feature easily.

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